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Foreclosure Protection

Home Foreclosure Protection

Atlanta Metro and Surrounding Areas Through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be able to pay your home debt arrears through a debt restructuring plan approved by a bankruptcy court. If retained by you, our firm can submit a debt repayment plan, usually a three- or five-year plan, that explains in detail the amount of your mortgage arrears and the method and time by which you will pay those arrears. Instead of having to pay all of your mortgage debt in a short period of time, you just pay the unpaid late payments over a debt restructuring period that has been approved by a… Read More.

Mortgage Audits

Loan modifications change the terms of an existing loan to make the mortgage payment more manageable, bring the loan current if the homeowner is behind or bring the home out of foreclosure. Homeowners who are still current on their loans but struggling in some way can qualify for a loan modification as well as those facing or in foreclosure. Many homeowners are struggling only because they have a fraudulent loan or a loan that violates their federally-protected consumer rights. These are known as predatory loans. There are thousands of homeowners saddled with predatory… Read More.