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Stop Creditor Harassment

Are you sick of the endless phone calls to your home? Have you received collection calls at work? Are you sick of the threats, intimidation and creditor harassment? If so, contact a lawyer at Bob Phillips Law, and find out more about your legal rights.

When you file bankruptcy, an order will be issued that instructs potential creditors that further attempts to collect a debt must be ceased for a period of time while the bankruptcy court is considering the pending bankruptcy case. If your creditor continues to call shortly after you file and you are represented by our office, we will instruct the creditor that you are represented by an attorney and further efforts to collect can result in a contempt action being filed against the creditor. Simply tell the collection agency or creditor you are represented by a bankruptcy attorney and give them our phone number. Once we have your bankruptcy case file number, we can provide it to your creditors. Filing bankruptcy can help you seek an end to the endless nuisance of creditor harassment.